About 'Lo sings Sting'

Without knowing it, you’ve already got to know singer Lo van Gorp very well indeed. His impassioned, warm voice has for years been seen on the professional circuit as a well-kept secret. That, however, is in the past: Van Gorp is now becoming known to a wider audience and for an ever-growing number of music freaks he is one of the best, most pleasing singers in the Netherlands.

As a backing singer he has worked with an almost endless array of national and international stars including Al Jarreau, Paul Carrack, Chaka Khan, Jacob Collier, Roger Hodgson and Oleta Adams. In his country he has toured extensively with Marco Borsato, the Metropole Orchestra, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Ladies of Soul to name but a few. Through gigs with his own band, The Royal Dutch Scam (a tribute to Steely Dan), he has become a familiar face on the Dutch theatre circuit. Whenever you hear him, you can’t get enough of that voice!

Lo is now going on tour with his new show called ‘Lo sings Sting’ which will be filling Dutch theatres, accompanied by his ten-man band The Royal Dutch Scam; a fantastic band which brings a new dimension to Sting’s beautiful and often complex songs. Lo and the band play the songs faithfully, with a lot of enthusiasm, full of surprises and jazz influences. An evening of memories, a musical adventure and jazzy highlights. Think of songs like Fields of Gold, Fragile and If you love somebody, set them free.

Lo van Gorp says: ‘Sting’s music is both beautiful and challenging for us to play. The music is a fusion ofpop and jazz, sometimes with a bit of classical and world music thrown in; that makes it enjoyable for us to play it. Sting’s lyrics are also superb, often poetic but sometimes also edgy and with activist undertones, for instance Russians from 1984, whichSting recently re-recorded in protest against the war in Ukraine.

’One man who knows this is Arie Verstegen of Podium De Boerderij (Zoetermeer), who sees national and international tribute bands coming and going all the time. He is firmly convinced that The Royal Dutch Scam is the best tribute band in the Netherlands. He says in Dutch magazine the Nieuwe Revu: ‘That’s at such a high level…The band members all earn a living working on the Dutch music circuit with very well-known artists. Lots of musicians also go along to see them play live. You just want to be part of it!’